The Fight Continues

As you probably already know, the situation at the border has deteriorated considerably since we ran our fundraiser last year. Not only are children continuing to be separated from their parents, but they are now being denied basic necessities such as clothing, blankets, medical care and basic hygienic products. We believe that no matter on what side of the political spectrum anyone chooses to be on, these children are innocent creatures who have already suffered enough in their violence torn countries and by being separated from their parents. It is unconscionable and inhumane that they are now being subjected to what the American Association of Pediatrics is calling unhealthy and trauma inducing conditions while under our care.

For this reason, we ask you for your cooperation once again for our new fundraiser. Like last year, we will have a compilation of stories that people will be able to obtain for a donation of $10 to either the ACLU or RAICES. Furthermore, we will be raffling signed copies of published books to everyone who donates $20 or more. Last year, we were able to raise over $16,000 in donations and we sincerely hope that with your help, this year can be equally successful. 

Please let us know if you are able to donate a story for this years compilation by submitting the following form. It would be an absolute honor to have your talent and support for this worthy cause once again.